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Zineglob S.A.R.L is a moroccan products-processing company for producing and exporting the Argan oil .
The company has a process of very modern production answering the international standards where the quality standards are respected in every stage of manufacturing.

The company is one of the Morrocan leaders in the production and the marketing of vegetable oil today.

Our company is specialized in manufacturing and exporting cosmetic products developed for the medical-aesthetic sector.

The production of argan oil has always had a socio-economic function. At present, argan oil production supports approximately 2.2 million people in the main argan oil producing region (the Arganeraie).

Employment in the co-operatives provides women with an income, which many have used to fund education for themselves or their children. It has also provided them with a degree of autonomy in a traditionally male-dominated society and has helped many become more aware of their rights.

The success of the argan co-operatives has also encouraged other producers of agricultural products to adopt the co-operative model.

Our maximum objective is to satisfy our clients' needs by offering them active solutions and specialized equipement for body and facial treatments through an efficient and personalized service. All our products and their technologies are created thanks to thorough research and a continuous development with the purpose of improving our clients' results and satisfying all their expectations.

This can only be achieved thanks to our research and scientific methods. We are currently selling our products worldwide in order to offer our clients long term trust on the basis of mutual benefits and development . 

The Best Organic Oil For Skin , Hair , and Nails .

100% Pure Organic Argan Oil   |  


our Bio organic Argan oil is the perfect oil to revitalize skin, hair and nails.is works as a food. no other products available in the world has cosmetis benifits like AGRAN OIL
Pure "Bio organic" Argan oil is rich in vitamin E which is particularly recommended for very dry or aging skin and delivers its virtues through massaging the body. 
Pure, organic Argan oil is 100% natural, without any additives or preservatives. 
Our 100% pure, natural Ecocert certified cosmetic argan oil is recommended for use by estheticians, in wellness and spa centers, by dermatologists and other specialist doctors, in clinics, hospitals and medical treatment centers. 
Our Bio organic Argan oil is also used in the manufacturing of high quality cosmetic care products. Actually we already produce such products, using our Bio organic Argan oil, as shampoo, hard and soft soap, skin creams.


Usage of Bio Organic Argan Oil :

Our Bio organic Argan oilis multi-purpose, multi-action and multi-use. 
Bio organic Argan oil is truly original natural solution for preserving the skin against premature aging. It is an incredibly rich source of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Moroccan women have used Argan oil for many centuries especially for cosmetic miracles alike. Working wonders for skin (face, body skin), hair and nails.



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